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Yoga Books, CDs and DVDs

Self study, good vibrations, and visualizations are available from the Kundalini Research Institute website store.  Explore, learn and practice to awaken the inner vitality you have, but which may be dormant.

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I own and recommend the following items.

  • The digital download of "Man to Man" meditations in the words of Yogi Bhjan
  • The MP3 of the mantra "Humee Hum Brahm Hum", which literally means that we are the spirit of God. It is total spirit. Total spirit represents God. It fixes the identity into its true reality.
  • The book "The Ten Light Bodies Of Consciousness" , which describes and provides exercise sets and meditations for each of our ten yogic bodies.  We each have a soul body, three physical bodies, and six energy bodies.
  • The book "Owner's Manual of the Human Body", filled with exercise sets (also available as an e-book).
  • The book "Prana, Pranee, Pranayam", filled with breathing exercises (also available as an e-book).
  • The book "The Master's Touch", a series of lectures by Yogi Bhajan with n exercise set or meditation included with each lecture (also available as an e-book).
  • The DVD "Learn The Gong With Yogi Bhajan", a video of Yogi Bhajan teaching how to play the gong to a small group of students.
  • The DVDs "Vitality And Stress", four lectures by Yogi Bhajan in a class setting on Vitality with exercise sets and meditations to awaken inner vitality and release stress.
  • The book "The Aquarian Teacher Yoga Manual" filled with yoga exercise sets and meditations, and used in Level One teacher training.