Yoga and More

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Yoga Words and Phrases

Yoga: Exercises or poses with breathing techniques and meditation to bring about a harmony or union of body, mind and spirit.

Kriya: a series of exercises, or a single exercise, which is a complete energetic action to clear or balance the chakras.

Mantra: is the repetition of a human sound, syllable, word or series of sounds, syllables or words, with energetic content.  Chanting is saying sounds, syllables or words out loud, which may also create energetic vibrations in your whole body, or specific parts of your body.

Om: is the universal sound of self and universe, and is chanted once or three times to begin many yoga classes.

Ong namo guru dev namo: may be translated as: "I call upon the teacher within me, and the universal teacher, to guide me in my practice today."  This is a Kundalini yoga phrase is recited at the beginning of yoga class to tune in a focus on the work ahead in the class.

Sa Ta Na Ma: may be translated as: "infinity, life, death, rebirth".

Sat Nam: may be translated as: "Truth is my identity, I am truth."

Shanti: means "peace".

Vinyasa: means a series of poses which flow from one to another, e.g., mountain pose, forward bend, plank, up dog, down dog, forward bend, mountain pose.

Wahe Guru: may be translated as: "consciousness is ecstasy or bliss".