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Yoga for Face & Neck Skin

Smoke from cigarettes swirls around the face and neck areas, causing premature aging of the face and neck.  Yoga improves circulation and oxygenates the body generally.  Certain yoga exercises are focused, and will increase circulation and oxygen to these face and neck areas.  Yoga for the Face and Neck is available as a private session offering.

Yoga addresses all body / mind systems and processes: oxygen intake, movement of blood, lymph and spinal fluid, digestion, elimination, muscle stress and relaxation, mind relaxation, and more.

Yoga For Your Face And Neck practiced on your own, after you learn the techniques, will bring glow and tone to your face

Before Yoga For Your Face And Neck exercises begin, breathing exercises are performed to oxygenate your blood. Abdominal exercises are performed to promote elimination and digestion. Arm and leg movements are made to move lymph fluid in the under arm area. The Yoga can be done in a chair. Flexibility, strength, or prior Yoga experience are not required. Dress for comfort.

Yoga Face and Neck exercises are designed to improve circulation about the neck, the lips, the cheeks, and the eyes  After Yoga Face and Neck exercises are completed, there is relaxation, followed by meditation.