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Workshop on Reflexology

Reflexology is the application of pressure and massage to reflex points on the hands, fingers, feet and toes to bring about health, relaxation and healing of disfunction.  The locations of reflex points were discovered before recorded history.   There is evidence that reflexology was practiced in the Incan culture about 12,000 years ago, in India and China about 5,000 years ago, and in Egypt about 4,000 years ago.  This is similar to what archeologists found in the timeline over which yoga developed.  In yoga, applying pressure to areas on fingers and hands are called mudras.  It can be said that acupuncture evolved from reflexology.
Smoking and Reflexology have many similarities, even though their effects on the body are very different.  Reflexology and smoking bring about relaxation and a feeling of well being.  Smoking and reflexology performed on oneself make use of the fingers.  Smoking and reflexology have an effect on your entire body, both as a whole, and on specific body parts, and both on the inside of the body and on the outside of the body.  The difference is that  reflexology will do no harm, and may bring about healing of the body parts connected to the reflex points.  Smoking will deposit poison within body tissues that debilitates you.

In the context of smoking, there are pressure and massage points on the hands and fingers that connect to the body parts that are most adversely impacted by smoking.  In addition to the lungs, smoking adversely impacts facial skin, inside of mouth, teeth, sinuses, eyes, trachea, vocal chords, and more.

Tips and useful information from the discipline of yoga

(1)  In choosing to start a massage on your left hand or your right hand, be mindful of your bodily feelings and mental state. Your body feelings are both on the surface of your body, and within the core of your body.  Your mental state may be hot, cold, filled with commotion, or something else unique to you.  The left side of your body is feminine, and is governed by the energy of coolness and relaxation.  The right side of your body is male, and is governed by the energy of heat and excitement.

(2)  Decide how much time you desire to spend massaging your hands, and use your mindful awareness of your body and your mind to decide what reflexes to massage.  If you are performing a massage on your hands as a substitute for a smoke, then choose one, two or three reflexes to massage over the course of about five minutes.  If you desire to give yourself an extended session, set aside as much time as you desire.  Then decide whether you will go through a pre-planned process, or go by "feel" from reflex point to reflex point using the mindfulness you have about what you desire to work on.