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Two Reflexology Massages

An excellent resource to identify hand and foot reflex points, and how to apply pressure to and massage them, is "The Reflexology Manual" by Pauline Willis.  To assist smokers to no longer desire smoking, this workshop chooses reflex points on the hands and fingers that focus on the body parts most impacted while smoking.  The massage of these reflex points is performed by you, as a self massage.  You use one hand and set of fingers to massage the other hand and fingers.  A massage may be one or more reflex points over the five or six minutes it takes to have a smoke, or the massage of one reflex point for two minutes may be combined with a breathing exercise for three minutes.

Clean your lungs

The reflex points for the lungs and trachea are on the palm below the base of the fingers and above the diaphragm line on the right hand, and above the heart on the left hand.  Walk your right thumb across the area from your index finger metacarpal to your ring finger metacarpal.  You may add yogic breathing techniques while you perform the reflexology.

Give attention to the skin on your face

The reflex points for the face are on the back sides of the thumbs.  Use your thumb on one of your hands to walk up the back of your thumb on your other hand, from the base to your nail.  Repeat as many times as is necessary to massage the entire back of your thumb.  Then repeat the process on your other thumb.