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Workshop on Breathing

Breathing is the the most immediate important thing we do.  Most of the time it is done without thinking.   Smoking breathing and yoga breathing are both a conscious form of breathing.  Both involve a pattern of consecutive breaths.  The pattern of a full inhale and complete exhale over the course of about five minutes or six minutes is what I remember most about smoking.
Yoga breathing and smoking breathing are similar because the breathing is conscious and measured. I remember the measured series of exhales with my lips in an "O" shape to blow smoke rings.  There are yoga breathing exercises that put your lips in an "O" shape and most yoga breathing exercises are measured breathing.   Different breathing patterns produce different effects upon one's physical state, mental state and emotional state.

Certain yogic breathing patterns can eliminate stress, which sometimes can beget an urge to smoke.  Other breathing patterns can evoke relaxation, which sometimes is also a reason to smoke, even if one is not stressed out. 
Smokers often wake up in the morning and do some coughing to clear the lungs.  There are breathing patterns that are cleansing.  There are breathing patterns that create alertness and sharpness of mind.  And breathing patterns can be used to warm you up, cool you down, evoke the sympathetic nervous system, evoke the parasympathetic nervous system, and balance your brain.
Any breathing pattern or exercise can be completed in one to three minutes.  More than one breathing exercise can be practiced to attain a desired effect.  One, two or three breathing patterns can be performed within the approximate five minutes and fifteen seconds it takes to smoke a cigarette.  And many can be performed anywhere, without being noticed.

Because breathing patterns affect
the mind, breathing patterns are used in meditation.  Breathing and meditation go hand in hand, just like breathing and smoking go hand in hand.